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Touch as Your Hear /

Hear as You Touch

Amanda Tong


Frederic Bussiere


Jun Matsumura

“There’s no-one else in Hong Kong who knows how to make one (birdcage) by hand anymore.”

— Chan Lok-choi, 78, Birdcage maker.

Due to our modern behaviour and industrialisation, many industries that rely on local traditional craftsmanship are losing relevance and gradually disappearing from modern society.
With the success of our previous non-profit neon art exhibition, “MY LIGHT, MY HOOD”, CeeKayEllo (CKL) continues our study on different ways to create new meanings for local crafts using contemporary art.

Through our programmes, we aim to evolve and transform these fading crafts into timeless artistry that will continue to sustain in the future.


At CeeKayEllo (CKL), we believe that art should be accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Designed and made using fading crafts and techniques in local tram depots, Hong Kong trams are chosen by “Classic Craft, Modern Meaning” for its cultural and historical significance to pay tribute to local craftsmanship, and also demonstrate how art could be publicly accessible, as well as a contribution to our society.


Our site-specific artworks explore how traditional local craft and modern art philosophy could blend with the environment and physical quality of the tram – a signature transportation tool in Hong Kong.

In our two-month Artist in Residence programme, Hong Kong’s last birdcage maker, Chan Lok-choi, and mahjong tile maker, Cheung Shun-king, collaborated with local artists Amanda Tong and GoHung, as well as international artists Frederic Bussiere and Jun Matsumura.

Together, they explored, reshaped and created four site-specific art pieces to be displayed on the tram from April to June, 2020, to offer the younger generation new insights into traditional crafts.

Ranging from an interactive ceramics installation by Amanda that captures the sound of Mahjong shuffling, to Frederic’s animation triggered by the tram movement, to Jun’s ceramic installation utilising the natural light from the upper deck window, as well as Gohung’s immersive work that allows passengers to experience the life of a caged bird within the tram…

By displaying these thoughtful artworks in CeeKayEllo (CKL)’s carefully curated tram, we hope to demonstrate the relevance of these fading crafts and skills with a creative and contemporary approach, giving modern meaning to these respectful classic crafts.

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