Artist in Residence

Skills Passing On

“There’s no one in Hong Kong who knows how to make one (birdcage) by hand anymore.”
– Chan Lok-choi, 78, Birdcage maker.

In our two-month Artist in Residence programme at Tung Nam Lou Art Hotel and FabCafe Hong Kong, Hong Kong’s last birdcage maker, Chan Lok-choi, and mahjong tile carver, Cheung Shun-king, each partnered up with local artists Amanda Tong and GoHung, as well as international artists Frederic Bussiere and Jun Matsumura.

Together, they explored, reshaped and created four sets of site-specific artworks that cater towards the modern behaviour of our society – ones that will offer the younger generation new insights into our traditional crafts. These resulting artworks shall be exhibited on a public moving tram #61 exhibition from April to June 2020.