Frederic Bussiere

Based in Amsterdam, French-Portuguese visual artist, Frederic Bussiere graduated with a Master in Arts in France before starting an international career in Buenos Aires, Paris, Sydney, and Hong Kong. His rich travel experience has inspired him to have high flexibility in his wide range of artist approaches. Ranged from 2D animation, to fashion video, and visual arts, where he incorporates video projection, installation, new technologies and also handcrafts such as bamboo construction.

His recent works have been shown in Strasbourg, Mauritius, Thailand and Hong Kong.


Frederic’s work values the movement between the moving tram and physicality of birds. As in many of his works that involve the idea of “movement”, he would like to recreate a fading experience.

Due to government regulations and public hygienic reason, the hobby of songbirds owning has been discouraged. With ‘Piu-Piu’, Frederic would like the viewers to re-experience the idea of having a songbird as their travel companions.

Frederic sees the world as “a perpetual morphing entity”. He implies this ideology in the movement of the birds in ‘Piu-Piu’. During his research on these two birds, he is fascinated by their poses where they are either facing the left or right direction. In his expertise in animation-making, this is a technique called “no in-between”, and he has achieved this effect on a living piece with the use of lenticular print.