Jun Matsumura

Based in Japan, Japanese ceramic artist, Jun was trained in Tajimi City Ceramics Design Institute and Kanazawa Utatsuyama Kogei Kobo (Crafts Studio). As an artist growing up surrounded by the Japanese philosophy and subcultures, he creates work based on the practice of Kogei (Japanese traditional arts and crafts) and he uses porcelain as the medium to reflect on the delicacy of the modern culture, prompting the audience to rethink about the current situations in society and the underlying consequences.

His artworks have been exhibited in Japan, London, Paris, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the United States.

Inspired by the Mahjong culture and its traditional craftsmanship, Jun’s “Cypher” highlights the comparisons between the past and present. He believes the game of Mahjong is a form of communication, which reflects different interpretations across different generations.

 To Jun, the Mahjong patterns were developed based on the interest in the environmental surroundings of the past. The work ‘Cypher’ specifically takes reference of two Japanese local combinations of Mahjong patterns, ‘花⿃風⽉’ and ‘風花雪⽉’. Both combinations describe the poetic scenery of nature, though the latter phrase has a different ciphered meaning from the Chinese culture, which gives emphasis on cultural differences.

Jun believes Mahjong tiles carvings and Mahjong rules are related to each other, and through tactics, local game rules and patterns are developed accordingly. The display in ‘Cypher’ is inspired by the tactics of the Mahjong rules. With the Mahjong tiles vaguely showcasing inside a case, he hopes to create a different sensitivity towards the game of mahjong.

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